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Transition of Pending Petitions

The following pending petitions will proceed with the improved process for soliciting public input (early public notice of availability of petition, followed by a second notice of availability of decisionmaking documents).*

11-342-01p Bayer/Genective glyphosate tolerant corn
11-234-01p Dow 2,4-D, glyphosate, and glufosinate tolerant soybean
11-202-01p Monsanto increased-yield soybean
11-188-01p Monsanto glyphosate tolerant canola
11-182-01p JR Simplot low acrylamide/reduced black spot potatoes
11-063-01p Pioneer glyphosate tolerant canola
11-019-01p ArborGen cold-tolerant eucalyptus
10-281-01p Monsanto male-sterile corn
10-188-01p Monsanto dicamba tolerant soybean
10-161-01p Okanagan Speciality Fruits non-browning apple
10-070-01p Virginia Tech blight resistant peanuts
09-015-01p BASF imidazolinone tolerant soybean

Additionally, all petitions received after March 6, 2012, will follow this improved process.


The following pending petitions will proceed with the previous process for soliciting public input (simultaneous notice of availability of the petition and decisionmaking documents).*

11-244-01p Pioneer insect tolerant/herbicide tolerant corn
10-336-01p Syngenta rootworm resistant corn
09-349-01p Dow 2,4-D and glufosinate tolerant soybean
09-328-01p Bayer glyphosate and isoxaflutole tolerant soybean
09-233-01p Dow 2,4-D tolerant corn
09-183-01p Monsanto modified-oil soybeans

For more information, see our Enhancements to Public Input page.

*The tables above assume that APHIS will initially prepare an environmental assessment (EA). If an environmental impact statement (EIS) is deemed to be necessary, APHIS will complete the NEPA EIS process in accordance with CEQ regulations (40 CFR 1500-1508) and APHIS NEPA implementing regulations (7 CFR part 372).

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