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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
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The Plant-Trait-Mechanism of Action (MOA)

The Plant-Trait-Mechanism of Action (MOA)1 combinations that have been determined by APHIS not to require regulation under 7 CFR part 340.

Note:  This table will be updated on an ongoing basis. Check back for additional plant/traits added periodically.  Regulatory reference documents corresponding to each plant/trait included in this table can be found at: Petitions for Determination of Nonregulated Status

1 Plant-trait-MOA combinations that have previously been combined in molecular stacks and determined by APHIS not to be regulated can be used independently or in subsets of molecular stacks and the resulting plants will qualify for exemption from 7 CFR part 340 pursuant to § 340.1(c). For example, if a plant contains three MOAs (x, y, z) in a molecular stack, then plants containing an individual plant-trait-MOA combination (x or y or z) and all possible stacks of the plant-trait-MOA combinations (xy, xz, yz, and xyz) will qualify for exemption pursuant to § 340.1(c).

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