Information for BQMS Participants

Information for BQMS Participants

Participants develop, implement, and maintain a BQMS within their organization to manage the movement and field release of regulated GE organisms. Specifically, organizations:

  • Work to identify critical control points in the organization's processes for working with regulated GE organisms,
  • Develop or revise standard operating procedures that address critical control points,
  • Properly train personnel on the standard operating procedures,
  • Undergo a third-party audit to determine effectiveness of the organization's quality management system, and
  • Become an organization recognized as completing the BQMS Program.

BQMS Program Audit Standard 

BQMS Program Development Tools
The BQMS Program development tools serve as hands-on guidelines for the development of procedures required by the BQMS Program Audit Standard.

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Appeals and Complaints
BQMS Program participants have the right to appeal any adverse audit findings, assessment findings, or decisions. Additionally, participants have the right to submit a compliant regarding BQMS Program activities, including processes or decisions, USDA personnel, and/or auditors. Additional information can be found in the Appeals and Complaint Procedure.

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