BQMS Program Development Tools

BQMS Program Development Tools

The information contained on this Webpage is not current, nor is it being maintained, and is provided for archival purposes only.

The BQMS Program development tools serve as hands-on guidelines for the development of procedures required by the BQMS Program Audit Standard. These tools are designed to assist an organization in developing their own quality manual and procedures as described in the audit standard.

The development tools, while designed to assist BQMS Program Participants, can be used by any organization interested in developing a documented quality management system to facilitate compliance to the APHIS regulations for the import, interstate movement, and field release of regulated genetically engineered organisms.

Quality Manual

4.2.3 Document Control Procedure

Document Control Master List Guide

4.2.3 Document Control Master List Spreadsheet

4.2.4 Record Control Procedure

5.7 Management Review Meeting Form

6.2.2 Competence Awareness and Training Procedure

7.1.1 Site selection planning procedure

7.2.1 Storage Procedure

7.2.2 Transport movement and import procedure

7.2.3 Environmental release planning and monitoring procedure

7.2.4 Post harvest procedure

7.2.5 Devitalization and final disposition procedure

7.4.1 Regulatory compliance reporting and resolution procedure

7.4.1 Regulatory compliance incident reporting form

8.2.1 Internal audit procedure

8.4.2 Corrective action procedure

8.5 Preventive action procedure

8.4.2 CAR PAR form


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