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Example Weed Risk Assessments

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For the BRS Weed Risk Assessment (WRA) system, a non-GE (baseline) WRA of a plant taxon is prepared first, to serve as a basis for comparative assessment of weed risk between a GE plant and its non-GE counterpart. Risk assessors collect, document, and analyze objective, evidence-based information about the biology of the baseline and GE plants, as well as their impacts, if any, to agricultural plants and agriculturally important natural resources.  See our Draft WRA Work Instructions and example WRAs listed below.

Table of Example Weed Risk Assessments

WRA Number      


WRA Type       


Mechanism of Action      

2014-273-001-2 Corn Baseline NA NA
2015-163-001 Corn GE Glyphosate resistance EPSPS
2015-163-002 Corn GE Drought tolerance cspB
2015-315-001 Corn GE Glufosinate resistance GAT
2016-028-001 Corn GE Lepidopteran resistance Cry1F
2016-042-001 Corn GE Coleopteran resistance eCry3.1AB
2016-015-001 Corn GE alpha-Amylase amy797E
2016-273-001 Corn GE Increased lysine cordapA (DHDPS)
2015-174-003 Cotton baseline NA NA
2016-235-002 Cotton GE Glufosinate resistance PAT
2016-032-001 Miscanthus baseline NA NA
2016-166-001 Miscanthus GE  Increased harvestable biomass GA20ox
2014-273-003 Soybean baseline NA NA
2016-197-001 Soybean GE Glyphosate resistance EPSPS
2015-292-001 SwitchGrass baseline NA NA
2015-302-001 SwitchGrass GE Drought tolerance AtNCED3

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