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BRS Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018

Protect and enhance U.S. agricultural and natural resources using a science- and risk-based regulatory framework to ensure the safe importation, interstate movement, and confined environmental release of regulated GE organisms.

We aspire to be the global leader in the risk-based regulation of agricultural biotechnology in a regulatory framework where innovation thrives and we protect plant health.

We embrace the following values and seek to demonstrate them as we carry out our mission:

Accountability: We maintain a standard of excellence and accountability to the American taxpayer by protecting plant health; delivering our services more efficiently; and by reporting our performance measures in a way that is timely, transparent, and accessible.
Scientific Integrity: Our decisions are grounded in the best available science.
Respect for People: We value and respect the diverse views of all stakeholders and staff, and we communicate openly and respectfully with them. In addition, we value, respect and empower our staff. We support them in their career development, share information in a respectful way, and address their questions and concerns.
Excellence: We commit ourselves to high-quality performance and continuous improvement that produce outstanding results of lasting value.

We have developed this Strategic Plan in the context of a number of driving forces that provide challenges in the years to come.

Challenge 1: Rapidly Changing Technology

Challenge 2: Increasing Demands from Stakeholders and Customers

Challenge 3: Regulatory Climate

Challenge 4: Unforeseen Regulatory Incidents and Threats

Challenge 5: Resource Limitations and Workforce Needs

Challenge 6: Global Demand for Agricultural Products

Strategic Goals
BRS has four critical goals to successfully carry out its mission, meet its challenges, and achieve long-term success.

Goal 1. Enhance Compliance with 7 CFR part 340
Objective 1 - Enhance compliance through strong regulatory operations.
Objective 2 - Provide science- and risk-based guidance and assistance to maintain compliance.
Objective 3 - Respond effectively to emergencies and compliance incidents..

Goal 2. Balance Oversight and Risk in the Regulation of GE Organisms
Objective 1 - Advance alternatives to regulation to achieve safeguarding goals, while focusing on greatest risk.
Objective 2 - Employ a consistent and predictable system for deregulating under 7 CFR part 340 biotechnology products that do not pose a plant pest risk.
Objective 3 - Advance regulatory approaches that are achievable and focus on greatest risk.

Goal 3. Ensure the Best Science is used in Decision-making
Objective 1 - Use high-quality analysis in decision-making.
Objective 2 - Respond to rapidly changing science.
Objective 3 - Coordinate with government partners and the international community to engender science- and risk-based regulation of GE organisms domestically and abroad.

Goal 4. Create a Highly Effective Organization
Objective 1 - Maintain effective and efficient internal processes and procedures.
Objective 2 - Demonstrate value to taxpayers through responsible management of budget and by monitoring performance.
Objective 3 - Attract and retain a high-quality workforce.
Objective 4 - Ensure consistent, timely, and accurate communication to stakeholders.
Objective 5 - Employ technology to ensure effective business systems.

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