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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
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Supervisory Animal Care Specialist Areas

Map of the US with Supervisory Animal Care Specialist areas color-coded by county Dr. Kathy Garland Dr. Carolyn McKinnie Dr. Carolyn McKinnie Dr. Carolyn McKinnie Dr. Carolyn McKinnie Dr. Tanya Tims Dr. Cathy Hovancsak Dr. Heather Cole Dr. Susan Kingston Dr. Jessica Watson Dr. Dana Miller Dr. Dana Miller Dr. Jeff Shepherd Dr. Tonya Hadjis Dr. Jeff Shepherd Dr. Jami Niemann Dr. David Sabala Dr. Cody Yager Dr. Kristen Napoli
Color Specialist Email Address
Cotton Candy Dr. Heather Cole
Light Pastel Purple Dr. Kathy Garland
Water Dr. Tonya Hadjis
French Fuchsia Dr. Cathy Hovancsak
Robin Egg Blue Dr. Susan Kingston
Blueberry Dr. Carolyn McKinnie
Red Dr. Dana Miller
Violet Dr. Kristen Napoli
UCLA Gold Dr. Jami Niemann
Blue Dr. David Sabala
North Texas Green Dr. Jeff Shepherd
Kiwi Dr. Tanya Tims
Canary Dr. Jessica Watson
Jelly Bean Dr. Cody Yager
State Specialist(s)
Alabama Dr. Kristen Napoli, Dr. Cody Yager
Alaska Dr. Carolyn McKinnie
Arkansas Dr. David Sabala, Dr. Jami Niemann
California Dr. Kathy Garland
Colorado Dr. Tanya Tims
Connecticut Dr. Tonya Hadjis
Delaware Dr. Tonya Hadjis
Florida Dr. Kristen Napoli
Georgia Dr. Kristen Napoli
Idaho Dr. Carolyn McKinnie
Illinois Dr. Cathy Hovancsak, Dr. Susan Kingston
Indiana Dr. Jessica Watson, Dr. Susan Kingston
Iowa Dr. Heather Cole
Kansas Dr. Tanya Tims, Dr. Heather Cole
Kentucky Dr. Susan Kingston
Louisiana Dr. Cody Yager
Maine Dr. Tonya Hadjis
Maryland Dr. Tonya Hadjis, Dr. Jeff Shepherd
Massachusetts Dr. Tonya Hadjis
Michigan Dr. Jessica Watson
Minnesota Dr. Cathy Hovancsak
Mississippi Dr. Cody Yager
Missouri Dr. Susan Kingston, Dr. Jami Niemann
Montana Dr. Carolyn McKinnie
Nebraska Dr. Heather Cole
Nevada Dr. Kathy Garland, Dr. Carolyn McKinnie
New Hampshire Dr. Tonya Hadjis
New Jersey Dr. Tonya Hadjis
New Mexico Dr. Tanya Tims
New York Dr. Tonya Hadjis
North Carolina Dr. Jeff Shepherd
North Dakota Dr. Cathy Hovancsak
Ohio Dr. Dana Miller
Oklahoma Dr. David Sabala
Oregon Dr. Carolyn McKinnie
Pennsylvania Dr. Jeff Shepherd
Rhode Island Dr. Tonya Hadjis
South Carolina Dr. Jeff Shepherd
South Dakota Dr. Cathy Hovancsak, Dr. Carolyn McKinnie
Tennessee Dr. Jeff Shepherd, Dr. Cody Yager
Texas Dr. Cody Yager, Dr. David Sabala, Dr. Tanya Tims
Utah Dr. Carolyn McKinnie
Vermont Dr. Tonya Hadjis
Virginia Dr. Dana Miller, Dr. Jeff Shepherd
West Virginia Dr. Susan Kingston
Wisconsin Dr. Cathy Hovancsak
Wyoming Dr. Carolyn McKinnie, Dr. Tanya Tims
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