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Horse Protection Act and Regulations

The HPA prohibits horses subjected to a process called soring from participating in exhibitions, sales, shows, or auctions. Use this page to view the Horse Protection Act and Regulations.

The Horse Protection Act 
U.S. Code Title 15 -- Commerce and Trade
Chapter 44 -- Protection of Horses
Sections 1821-1831

  • Sec. 1821. Definitions (text) (pdf)
  • Sec. 1822. Congressional statement of findings (text) (pdf)
  • Sec. 1823. Horse shows and exhibitions (text) (pdf)
  • Sec. 1824. Unlawful acts (text) (pdf)
  • Sec. 1825. Violations and penalties (text) (pdf)
  • Sec. 1826. Notice of violations to Attorney General (text) (pdf)
  • Sec. 1827. Utilization of personnel of Department of Agriculture and officers and employees of consenting States; technical and other nonfinancial assistance to State (text) (pdf)
  • Sec. 1828. Rules and regulations (text) (pdf)
  • Sec. 1829. Preemption of State laws; concurrent jurisdiction; prohibition on certain State action (text) (pdf)/li>
  • Sec. 1830. Omitted (text) (pdf)
  • Sec. 1831. Omitted (text) (pdf)

The Horse Protection Regulations 
Code of Federal Regulations
Title 9 -- Animals and Animal Products
Chapter I--Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Department of Agriculture


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