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USDA Animal Care Creates Online Process for Submitting Animal Welfare Concerns

USDA Animal Care has created a new, online form for members of the public to submit their concerns about animals that are covered under the Animal Welfare Act and the Horse Protection Act.

The form is on our website:/wps/portal/aphis/ourfocus/animalwelfare/complaint-form. It is a quick and efficient method to notify us of animal welfare concerns so we can look into those concerns. Complaints can be made anonymously; however, providing your contact information will allow us to contact you if we need additional information.

We will continue to take complaints by phone, email or regular mail. You can find Animal Care's contact information here.

We take all animal welfare complaints seriously and will continue to look into each one thoroughly, regardless of the method used to submit the complaint.

The Animal Welfare Act and its associated regulations set the federal standards for humane care and treatment that must be provided for certain warm-blooded animals that are: exhibited to the public; bred for commercial sale; used in biomedical research; or transported commercially. Facilities engaged in these regulated activities must provide their animals with adequate housing, nutrition, water and veterinary care, and they must protect the animals from extreme weather and temperatures.

The Horse Protection Act and its associated regulations seek to put an end to soring by preventing sored horses from participating in exhibitions/shows/sales/auctions. Soring is an illegal practice in which horses are subjected to chemical and/or mechanical irritants in order to enhance their gait. USDA Animal Care’s ultimate goal is to end this inhumane practice completely.

At USDA Animal Care, ensuring the welfare of the animals we regulate is at the heart of everything we do.

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