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NCAH Portal Newsletters

NCAH Portal newsletters are one of the ways CVB communicates with NCAH Portal users. These newsletters are an informal way to pass along helpful information, notification of changes, and alert users to updated guidance materials. Newsletters are emailed to NCAH Portal users periodically. After they are sent, they are posted on this page as a reference for all users.

Newsletter Topic Volume Issue Publication Date
Introduction to the NCAH Portal newsletter 1 1 9/7/2016
Expansion of the NCAH Portal to include Correspondence 1 2 9/14/2016
Changes made and Bugs fixed in v.1.1.4 1 3 10/26/2016
Archiving Your Documents from the NCAH Portal 1 4 11/14/2016
Updated Materials 2 1 1/24/2017
Notification of Changes Made 2 2 3/2/2017
Information to Prepare for Electronic Outlines 2 3 3/7/2017
Helpful Tips for Using the NCAH Portal / Request for Enhancement Ideas 2 4 5/1/2017
Notification of Changes Made in Version 1.2.0 2 5 6/28/2017
Announcement of Change to Allow for an Additional Email Address for NCAH Portal Notification Emails 2 6 8/29/2017
Announcement of Expansion of NCAH Portal to Include Export Certificates 3 1 3/20/2018


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