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STLC PCS Guidance

Guidance to Industry Preparing Supporting Summaries for Single Tier Effectiveness Statements

Product Compilation Summaries (PCSs)  

All of the ISSs for a given product are appended together to create a PCS. The compilation is a computerized process performed by CVB data systems. View an example PCS.

A courtesy copy of each PCS is then sent to the firm. Firms are asked to provide any feedback on errors to within 2 weeks. Since the PCSs are merely a grouping of previously cleared ISSs, errors/concerns should be rare.

  • PCSs for new products will be generated and sent to the firm at the time of product licensure. There will be a delay of at least 28 days before posting the PCS to the website. Firms wishing to have a PCS posted earlier than 28 days after licensure can request an earlier date by emailing (Do not email your firm's reviewer.)
  • PCSs for currently licensed products may be sent to the firm at any time after all of the component ISSs have been cleared and at least 28 days prior to posting the PCS on
  • If a product is licensed and the PCS has not yet been published on, firms may distribute their copy of the PCS, without alteration or embellishment, to interested parties.
  • Updated PCSs may be generated if an eligible study is conducted after initial product licensure.


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