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Supplemental Assay Methods - 400 Series

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ID Title Date
405 Detecting Lymphoid Leukosis Biocontamination by the COFAL Test Nov 28, 2014
406 Titration of Monovalent, Cell Associated Marek′s Disease Vaccines of Serotypes 1, 2 or 3 Nov 20, 2014
407 Titration of Marek's Serotype 3 (Herpesvirus of Turkeys Strain FC-126), Lyophilized Nov 20, 2014
408 Titrating Tissue Culture Adapted Vaccine Strain of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus Nov 28, 2014
409 Titrating the Fractions of Combination Avian Encephalomyelitis/Pox Vaccine Nov 28, 2014
411 Titration of Newcastle Disease Vaccine, Infectious Bronchitis Vaccine, and Combination Newcastle Disease-Infectious Bronchitis Vaccine in Chicken Embryos Jan 10, 2018
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