Veterinary Services Careers Program

Veterinary Services Careers Program

The VSCP is designed to provide a support system for new employees to ensure a smooth transition into Federal service. The program can maximize developmental opportunities so participants are ready to meet the challenges of public veterinary health in our fast-paced society. The VSCP is being expanded to include additional professions beyond the veterinary field.

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"This program was an excellent orientation to a very exciting and rewarding career with USDA. The program provided me with the basics required to function as a public services veterinarian. The training consisted of an orientation class, a significant diseases class, and introduction to epidemiology; and to complete the training we conducted a field exercise in Alabama . Each respective class was very important in the development of my career with APHIS. This program also provides an invaluable network of colleagues that I rely on heavily today. Even though it was an orientation training program, this program paved the way for more advanced training and additional career development."

VSCP Brochure (pdf 328kb)

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