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One Health (OH) is the concept that the health of animals, the health of people, and the viability of ecosystems are intricately linked. As the link among human and animal populations, environmental changes, (ecological and climate), and global movement evolve, the risk of disease transmission between animals and people has increased. An OH approach embraces the idea that disease problems that adversely impact the health of humans, animals, and the environment can only be solved through improved communication, cooperation, and collaboration across disciplines and institutions. OH supports the idea that healthy productive livestock and pets lead to healthy people and sound environments through food, economy, and companionship.

APHIS Veterinary Services' has established a One Health Office to coordinate and implement its vision, mission and goals as outlined in the OH Strategic Plan are as follows:


APHIS VS will provide US leadership for the animal health component of One Health (OH). As a committed OH partner, APHIS VS will contribute towards the global health of people, animals, ecosystems, and society


As the nation's animal health authority, APHIS VS will contribute expertise, infrastructure, networks, and systems to operate effectively with multiple disciplines and multiple partners (local, state, national and international) to collaboratively promote healthy animals, people, ecosystems, and society.


The following goals support the long-view future for OH in Veterinary Services. They provide guidance that will positively impact on the VS organization and the greater OH community. Details related to these goals, their respective objectives, and tasks can be found in Appendix A of the Strategic Plan.

  • Align APHIS VS policy, programs, and infrastructure with the VS 2015 OH vision.
  • Build new collaborations and partnerships, and sustain existing relationships in the OH community.
  • Spearhead outreach and communication to build credibility, trust, and respect in the OH community.
  • Transform the APHIS VS culture and workforce, and build new skill sets to support and integrate the VS 2015 OH principle.
  • Apply our unique competencies to support and enhance the OH community.

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