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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
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Imports: Animal and Animal Products

Visit the APHIS Pet Travel Website to bring your pet into the United States from another country.

APHIS' mission is to safeguard the health of our nation's agricultural resources. Our many animal health experts work closely with other federal agencies, states, foreign governments, industry and professional groups, and others to enhance international trade and cooperation while preventing the introduction of dangerous and costly pests and diseases.

USDA-APHIS is charged with several critical tasks relating to Imports and Exports, including:

  • Facilitating international trade
  • Monitoring the health of animals' presented at the border
  • Regulating the import and export of animals, animal products, and biologics

APHIS restricts some animals and animal products from entering the United States because of the animal health situation in the region of origin. In general, restrictions based on the APHIS-recognized animal health status of the region are issued through the regulatory process. A region can be (a) a national entity (country); (b) part of a national entity (zone, county, Province, State, etc.); (c) parts of several national entities combined into an area; or (d) a group of national entities (countries) combined into a single area. The following links provides a list of the USDA-recognized animal health status of particular countries and regions, organized by specific livestock or poultry diseases.

Animal Health Status of Regions

Animal Health Statuses of Regions
View a list of APHIS-recognized animal health statuses of regions regarding specific animal diseases or pests, or acceptable commodities.

Temporary Restrictions

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