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Livestock Appraisal-Indemnity-Compensation Page

Livestock Appraisal, Indemnity & Compensation

Determining livestock appraisal values, developing appropriate indemnity rates, and assisting with overall livestock compensation policy and regulation are activities of APHIS' Appraisal-Indemnity-Compensation Specialist (AICS). Included in this work is the training of APHIS employees in the art and science of appraisal and assisting them when they are called upon to valuate livestock. Also the AICS provides guidelines for private appraisers to follow whenever doing appraisal work for APHIS.

Livestock Grading Guidelines

Guidelines for Private Appraisers

If you are a private appraiser, carefully review these guidelines. Typically, private appraisers write summary reports. APHIS desires a self-contained report and summary reports will not be accepted. If you have any questions what makes for an acceptable appraisal report, contact the AICS.


If you have any questions concerning livestock appraisal, indemnity, or compensation please contact:

Building B, Mail Stop 2E5
2150 Centre Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80526-8117

office phone: 970-494-7200

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