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Free Flock Certification Program

SFCP Standards Have Been Updated 

The June 2013 Scrapie Free Flock Certification Program (SFCP) standards have been updated and are now available. A brief summary of the major updates to the program are also available. 

The May 2016 SFCP standards are now in effect. 

The basic structure of the program has not changed. There are still two categories in the SFCP: the Export Category (with Export Monitored flocks and Export Certified flocks) and the Select Category (Select Monitored flocks).  The updates address/clarify:

  • Sampling requirements, advancement, and genotyping lambs/kids in genetically resistant flocks;
  • Veterinary inspection of cull animals;
  • Imported embryos/oocytes;
  • Animals originating from Inconsistent States;
  • Special circumstances involving “Lost to Inventory” and “Found Dead” animals; and
  • Reporting requirements for the use of milk/colostrum from a lower status flock. 

The SFCP provides sheep and goat producers the opportunity to increase the marketability of their animals through demonstrating scrapie freedom in their flock or herd. Additionally, the SFCP contributes to APHIS' scrapie surveillance strategy, testing sheep and goats from flocks and herds that otherwise might not be sampled through traditional slaughter surveillance.

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