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A Proposal to Standardize and Consolidate the APHIS Laboratory Approval Process

Veterinary Services (VS) has drafted a concept paper, “A Proposal to Standardize and Consolidate the APHIS Laboratory Approval Process.” This paper proposes actions to simplify regulatory oversight and compliance and clarify the laboratory approval process. The current authority and approval for animal diagnostic laboratories to test for diseases is comprised of multiple, unrelated, disease-specific regulations. Consolidating authorities and standardizing the approval processes will enhance transparency and make the approval process more user-friendly and efficient—whether the approval is to conduct testing for single or multiple diseases. The administrative burden associated with obtaining and tracking laboratory approvals, in addition to the steps required to renew an existing approval, would ultimately be minimized.

Consolidation efforts would include veterinary diagnostics regulated by APHIS, with the exception of diagnostics in the National Animal Health Laboratory Network and National Poultry Improvement Plan. Please click here to review the concept paper. 

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