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Veterinary Services Process Streamlining (VSPS)

Veterinary Services Process Streamlining (VSPS) is a federal system used by Accredited Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, Importers, Lab Employees, State Employees, and Federal Employees to manage Veterinary Services processes.

VSPS can be used to create Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) for the movement of livestock species such as Alpaca, Bison, Bovine, Caprine, Cervidae, Equine, Llama, Ovine and Porcine within the borders of the United States.

VSPS does not currently provide CVIs or laboratory testing forms for companion animals such as cats and dogs.

Access to VSPS is gained through a combination of two items:

  1. An eAuthentication account
  2. Roles that are granted within the VSPS application 

Refer to the below documents for step by step instructions on getting access to VSPS:

Welcome to VSPS – Accredited Veterinarians

Welcome to VSPS – Importers/Brokers

Welcome to VSPS – Lab Technicians

Welcome to VSPS – State Vet Offices

Accredited veterinarians can:

  • Create an electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (eCVI)
  • Create and submit electronic Coggins (EIA) test request paperwork to participating NVSL-approved labs
  • Set up a practice to allow document sharing among practice members including CVI data, EIA/Coggins test record information, contacts and animal information
  • Submit an accreditation application for renewal, update your contact information, apply for authorization in an additional State, and/or change your accreditation category.
  • No cost/free to use

 Veterinary Technicians can:

  • Create an electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection to submit to the Accredited Vet for approval
  • Create and submit electronic Coggins (EIA) test request paperwork to participating NVSL-approved labs

Animal Importers/Brokers can:

  • Importers/Brokers in other Countries can use this module to create documents needed for importation into the US as well as reserve space at the two federal animal import centers in the US
  • Check status on importations and reservations.

Lab Employees can:

  • Enter results on electronic Coggins (EIA) forms submitted in VSPS
  • Check accreditation status of veterinarians

State Employees can:

  • View Interstate eCVIs for your State and accept or reject the eCVIs
  • Enter Retro CVIs (rCVIs)
    • States may enter already issued paper Certificates of Veterinary Inspection into the retrospective CVI portion of the module for electronic record-keeping purposes.
  • View Coggins (EIA) tests completed in your State
  • Check accreditation status of veterinarians
  • Add State Certificate statements required to be on eCVIs
  • View International animal imports that have a destination of your State
  • View approved product import establishments

Federal Employees can:

  • Create/manage/view animal importations
  • Create/manage/view reservations and barn space at the animal import centers
  • NVAP staff can manage accredited veterinary records including National Accreditation Numbers, reaccreditation timelines and contact information for accredited veterinarians around the country
  • Check accreditation status of veterinarians
  • Manage/view records of establishments that are approved to export animal products
  • Manage/view records of establishments that are approved to import animal products into the US
  • View Instate eCVIs
  • View Coggins (EIA) tests

Need training or help on how to use VSPS?

Click here for VSPS training materials for Accredited Veterinarians, Lab Technicians, State Vet Offices, and Importers/Brokers.

VSPS Training Network Associates are available to answer your questions and provide training on how to use VSPS.  Click here for a list of VSPS Network Associates which includes contact information.

For help with logging in/eAuth issues.

eAuth helpdesk email:

eAuth helpdesk phone number: 1-800-457-3642 (Option 1)

eAuth FAQ webpage:

  • To reset your eAuth password, click  here
  • To retrieve your forgotten eAuth User ID, click here

If you are receiving an error message in VSPS or having other technical issues.

The Help Desk is available to assist you if you are experiencing problems or error messages in VSPS. You can reach the helpdesk by phone 1-877-944-8457 (Option 2) or Email:

In your email, include:

  • Subject line: VS IT Systems – VSPS
  • Body of the email:
    • Username of the eAuthentication account you are using to login
    • Error message received
    • What you were attempting to do when you received the error message
    • Any other information you believe would be applicable. This could include:
      • Your National Accreditation Number (NAN)
      • The document number you are working with
      • The certificate number you are working with

Have questions about the National Veterinary Accreditation Program (NVAP)?

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