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How Do I Become Accredited?

  • Complete the Initial Accreditation Training (IAT). Documentation indicating your completion of IAT will be required for admission to the Orientation Program.

  • Attend an Orientation Program.

  • Complete a State specific Orientation if required by the Area Veterinarian in Charge in cooperation with the State Animal Health Official (SAHO).

  • Graduate with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) or equivalent degree from a College of Veterinary Medicine.

  • Be licensed or legally able to practice veterinary medicine in the State in which you are applying.

  • Submit an original completed VS Form 1-36A to the NVAP Coordinator of the State in which the applicant wants to become authorized to perform accredited duties. The application must be submitted within three (3) years of completion of Core Orientation; otherwise the applicant will be required to take Core Orientation again. Please read the instructions thoroughly before completing this form. This form is available by calling the NVAP Coordinator, the NVAP Staff in Riverdale, MD or though this website. By completing the application, the veterinarian is certifying that he/she are able to perform the tasks associated with the Category selected. These tasks can be found in the regulations under CFR 160-162 (regulations)

  • The Area Veterinarian in Charge and SAHO will review and evaluate the application. If the application is approved, an accreditation letter will be sent authorizing the veterinarian to perform accreditation work in that State.

    NOTE: The veterinarian may not perform any accreditation duties until written approval by the Area Veterinarian in Charge is received

Still have questions?

Export requirements frequently change, obtain the current export requirements from the Veterinary Services service center in your area before each shipment.

For NVAP questions, see Additional Information or contact your local NVAP Coordinator or email the NVAP at

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