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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
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Orientation Program

After the completion of Initial Accreditation Training, applicants for accreditation must attend an Orientation Program. Upon completion of the Orientation Program, application for accreditation must be completed within three years. The elements of the Orientation Program are:

  (A) Federal animal health laws, regulations, and rules;
  (B) Interstate movement of animals;
  (C) Import and export requirements for animals;
  (D) USDA animal disease eradication and control programs;
  (E) Laboratory support in confirming disease diagnoses;
  (F) Ethical and professional responsibilities of an accredited veterinarian;
  (G) Foreign animal disease awareness;
  (H) Animal health emergency management; and
  (I) Animal health procedures, issues, and information resources relevant to the State in which the veterinarian wishes to perform accredited duties.

The Orientation Program may be taken during veterinary medical school or during a session scheduled by the NVAP Coordinator

Be sure to check the Orientation Program Schedule

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Export requirements frequently change, obtain the current export requirements from the VS Service center in your area before each shipment.

For NVAP questions, see Additional Information or contact your local NVAP Coordinator.

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