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Voluntary NLRAD-NAHRS Reportable Disease List

Starting in 2013, the NAHRS Steering Committee approved the NAHRS reportable disease list be modified to a National List of Reportable Animal Diseases (NLRAD) – NAHRS reportable disease list. The NLRAD-NAHRS reportable disease list includes all OIE-reportable diseases and other diseases of interest.

Each year, small modifications are made to the OIE disease list; the NLRAD-NAHRS reportable disease list is modified accordingly at the beginning of the next calendar year.

Diseases on the above lists are numbered with "A," "B," or "N" designations. These designations relate to OIE's historic classification system where diseases were separated into "A" or "B" categories depending on their severity and potential impacts. These designations were discontinued in 2005, but the numbers used for each disease retain their historic “A” or “B” prefix. When new diseases are added to the OIE list, they are now given an "N" prefix to maintain formatting.

The above NLRAD-NAHRS disease lists may also occasionally designate the same disease with different numbers in different years. This occurs when OIE splits a single disease reporting item into separate items, or vice-versa. For example, in 2006, OIE requested that Old World screwworm and New World screwworm be reported as a single line item, but in 2007, OIE split them into two separate reportable diseases. Numbering changes may also result when there is a lag between the time a new disease is added to the OIE list and before an official OIE number is assigned.

Historical (NLRAD NAHRS) Reportable Disease Lists

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