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National Animal Health Reporting System (NAHRS)

The National Animal Health Reporting System (NAHRS) is the only comprehensive reporting system for World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)-reportable diseases in the United States. Starting in 2013, the NAHRS Steering Committee approved the NAHRS reportable disease list be modified to a National List of Reportable Animal Diseases (NLRAD) – NAHRS reportable disease list. The NLRAD-NAHRS reportable disease list includes all OIE-reportable diseases. Under NAHRS, participating State animal health officials report monthly on the occurrence of confirmed NLRAD-NAHRS-reportable diseases and other diseases of interest occurring in U.S. livestock, avian, lagomorph, and aquatic species. NAHRS is an important component of comprehensive and integrated surveillance in the United States. By providing timely summary-level information on animal health status to our trading partners, NAHRS helps protect the U.S. share of the global market for animals and animal products.

Learn more about information use, benefits to States, confidentiality, and the NAHRS Steering Committee.

Information for Participants
Information on submitting reports and disease reporting criteria

NLRAD-NAHRS Reportable Disease List
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