The NAHRS Reporting Process

Animal health officials from participating States provide monthly data to NAHRS on the confirmed presence of diseases on the NAHRS Reportable Disease List. This list includes most of the diseases that all OIE Member Countries are required to report, except for OIE-reportable diseases related to amphibians, lagomorphs, bees, and diseases OIE categorizes as ‘other' (e.g., camelpox and leishmaniasis).

Participating State animal health officials collect, collate, and report on the confirmed occurrence of NAHRS reportable diseases. The reporting criteria include defined laboratory testing standards and additional criteria as defined in the NAHRS Operation Manual and Uniform Methods & Rules (pdf, 373kb); these criteria are considered minimum guidelines.

A “yes” response from a State indicates that at least one new case of that particular disease was confirmed during the specific month; a “no” response indicates that, as far as State animal health officials are aware, no new cases of disease were confirmed in the State during the specific month. Confirmed occurrences of NAHRS reportable diseases are those diseases that meet NAHRS reporting criteria and/or are ‘confirmed' by using additional information (i.e., other testing methods or additional epidemiological information).

The discretion of NAHRS reporting by State animal health officials is considered essential in the valid reporting of confirmed disease because it is recognized that disease testing technology and other considerations may change rapidly. For endemic diseases that may have both a presumptive and definitive level of confirmation, States are encouraged to report a case if it meets presumptive criteria and available information indicates that it is a reportable case. As with all NAHRS reportable diseases, endemic diseases are reported only when there is a confirmed case of the disease in a State. Regarding endemic disease, a “no” response indicates that, based on available information, there were no reports of confirmed disease presence; a “no” does not explicitly infer the endemic disease does not occur in the State.

After approval by a designated State official, the State monthly report is submitted to NAHRS through the secure NAHRS online reporting system, or by fax or e-mail. NAHRS reporting is coordinated by the USDA-APHIS-VS-CEAH-National Surveillance Unit; click here to contact the NAHRS coordinator.

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