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Veterinary Services IT Applications


VS IT Systems Helpdesk

Search the Helpdesk FAQs, find information on the applications we support, and submit support tickets.

List of VS Applications We Support

  • Animal Health & Surveillance Management (AHSM) Veterinary Services Lab Submissions (VSLS)
  • Cognos Reports
  • Emergency Management Response System (EMRS)
  • Generic Data Base (GDB)
  • Legacy Import/Export
  • Mobile Information Management (MIM)
  • National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN)
  • National Animal Health Reporting System (NAHRS)
  • National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP)
  • Surveillance Collaboration Services (SCS/CoreOne)
  • User Fee System (UFS)
  • Veterinary Services Process Streamlining (VSPS)
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