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NAHLN Surveillance and Preparedness

pigNAHLN laboratories play a critical role in USDA-Veterinary Services’ (VS) preparedness activities by providing rapid standardized testing and results reporting for foreign animal disease investigations, in concordance with VS’ Guidance Document 12001, entitled “Policy for the Investigation of Potential Foreign Animal Disease/Emerging Disease Incidents (FAD/EDI), and with VS’ Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness Response documents.

NAHLN has collaborated with the National Veterinary Services Laboratories, Surveillance, Design and Analysis Unit, the Animal Commodity Health Centers, National Preparedness & Incident Coordination Center, and Wildlife Services to implement surveillance programs and preparedness measures. NAHLN laboratories routinely participate in surveillance programs for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), classical swine fever (CSF), chronic wasting disease (CWD), scrapie, influenza A virus of swine (IAV-S), and swine pseudorabies virus (PRV). Additionally, NAHLN laboratories stand ready to respond to disease outbreaks with staff who are proficiency tested and approved to conduct testing for avian influenza, exotic Newcastle disease, foot and mouth disease, and vesicular stomatitis virus when needed.

Learn more about how the NAHLN supports APHIS-Veterinary Services’ surveillance and preparedness efforts for each of these diseases:

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