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Farm Bill Funding to Support Animal Disease Prevention and Management

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The 2018 Farm Bill established the opportunity for annual National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) Enhancement funding. NAHLN laboratories are asked to develop projects that will build a network successful in providing early detection of significant animal disease, rapid response to the presence of a confirmed disease and appropriate recovery from an outbreak. Enhancement of the NAHLN is one of three programs that are supported through the 2018 Farm Bill Section 12101, Animal Disease Prevention and Management Program.

NAHLN Farm Bill Funding Opportunity

News Release: APHIS Announces 2022 Open Period for Farm Bill Funding Opportunities Supporting Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Activities

APHIS will make available up to $2.25 million in funds to support NAHLN projects that will (1) Enhance sustainability of testing capacity through development and maintenance of a stockpile of reagents and supplies adequate for testing at capacity for 15-30 days; (2) Enhance the ability to send and receive testing and testing associated data through standardization of IT processes; (3) Improve capability to handle surge samples through increasing high-capacity diagnostic testing equipment; or (4) Increase the pool of individuals with an understanding of the specialized processes and knowledge required to provide technical expertise in a diagnostic laboratory.

Deadline: All proposals must be submitted by 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time on October 1, 2022.

NAHLN Farm Bill Projects

  • 2021 NAHLN Farm Bill Projects
    Summary: APHIS is awarding $4.4 million which will help NAHLN enhance early detection of high-consequence animal diseases and improve emergency response capabilities at NAHLN veterinary diagnostic laboratories. 
  • 2021 Joint NAHLN/NADPRP Farm Bill Projects
    Summary: APHIS is awarding $4.3 million for projects that support the development and/or evaluation of point-of-care diagnostic tests to enhance the nation’s ability to quickly detect high-consequence FADs and accelerate response and containment efforts.
  • 2020 NAHLN Farm Bill Projects
    Summary: APHIS awarded $5.1 million for projects that enhance test method development for high consequence animal disease, emergency preparedness, data management and exercises/drills for laboratories.
  • 2019 NAHLN Farm Bill Projects
    Summary: APHIS awarded $5 million for projects that advance the capabilities, capacity, and readiness of the NAHLN laboratories.

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