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Shipping Specimens to NVSL-Ames

Specimens can be sent by various methods. The most expeditious method depends on the area of the country from which the shipment is being sent. Prompt delivery is important, especially for samples from which live microbes are to be isolated. Carriers that provide tracking information are recommended. Contact individual carriers to obtain information on the type of shipments they will handle; not all carriers accept biological substances.

Address diagnostic sample submissions to:

National Veterinary Services Laboratories 
Attn: Sample Processing Department 
1920 Dayton Avenue Ames, IA 50010 
Phone: (515) 337-7514

Additional shipping information regarding the shipment of specimens for foreign animal disease investigations is found in Veterinary Services (VS) Guidance 12001.2 (PDF, 446KB; formerly VS Memorandum 580.4).

Questions about shipping? Contact the NVSL-Ames shipping department at (515) 337-7530 or

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