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European Union - Chapter 3(E) - Flavoring Innards

Chapter 3(E) Health Certificate for Flavoring Innards 

Please select the appropriate certificate below based upon the animal-origin ingredients included in the flavoring innards:

Meat and/or other organs from terrestrial animals other than birds


Meat and/or other organs from birds [from areas other than HPAI Banned Areas]


The Chapter 3E is not endorsable at this time for poultry derivatives from HPAI Banned Areas




Dairy and egg

Terrestrial and/or aquatic invertebrates

Meat, fish, dairy, and egg


Other (This version should be utilized when the line-outs in the above versions are not appropriate.  This includes exports of flavoring innards shipped in bulk containers rather than new or sterilized bags.  To utilize this version, the inappropriate text must be lined out prior to endorsement.)

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