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Dog/Cat Food Containing Animal-Origin Ingredients +/- Exempt Ingredients

General Information - November 2018 (pdf 312kb)

Shipment Certificate - Short Form A (for shipments containing dog/cat foods produced by one manufacturing facility) - November 2017 (pdf 87kb)

Shipment Certificate - Long Form B (for shipments containing dog/cat foods produced by two or more manufacturing facilities) - November 2017 (pdf 66kb)

Manufacturing Facility Addendum (to be used with Long Form B, one for each manufacturing facility listed) - November 2017 (pdf 84kb)

Certificate Continuation Page - Instructions - March 2011 (pdf 18kb)

Certificate Continuation Page (primarily for shipment certificates where packages are not labeled with the exact same company name and address of the manufacturing facility) - March 2011 (pdf 12kb)

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