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Great Britain - Materials TRANSITING Great Britain for the Production of Gelatin and/or Collagen for Human Consumption [GBHC123X]

Model health certificate for the transit, immediate transit or after storage, for raw materials or treated raw material for the production of collagen/gelatine for human consumption (Regulation 2016/759) - Valid until November 1, 2022

EU information

Facilities must be listed by APHIS for the export of these commodities into Great Britain in order to be eligible for the below certificate which must accompany consignments transiting Great Britain (in addition to any certification required by the country of final destination outside Great Britain). Please contact your Veterinary Services service center for details on how to request required approvals and certificates.

Transit certificate for materials transiting Great Britain for the production of gelatin and/or collagen (in the final country of destination) for human consumption - September 2021 (pdf 180kb)

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