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Great Britain* - Animal Products NOT for Human Consumption

Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009 - as amended June 2019 (pdf 317kb)

Regulation (EU) No 142/2011 - as amended November 2020 (pdf 8.95mb)

Regulation (EC) No 999/2001 - as amended October 2020 (pdf 683kb)

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Great Britain requires facilities exporting animal by-products under retained EU legislation (Regulation (EC) 1069/2009 and its implementing regulation Regulation (EU) 142/2011) to be listed in theList of establishments in non-EU countries approved to export animal products to GB. APHIS understands that facilities listed in the EU TRACES database prior to September 30th, 2021, are also listed in Great Britain’s database, but facilities are encouraged to confirm that they are listed prior to shipment to Great Britain. The process for a facility to apply to be listed in the Great Britain database is the same as the process to apply to be listed in TRACES. For more information on TRACES, see the TRACES guidance document.

Guidelines for the Preparation of Certificates for Export of Animal-Origin Products to GB [Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland), Channel Islands, and Isle of Man]: Materials Not Intended for Human Consumption  

Facilities must be listed by APHIS in compliance with Regulation (EU) 142/2011 to export the below commodities. Any exceptions would be noted in the specific article. Please contact your Veterinary Services service center for details on how to request required listings approvals and certificates. For commodities not listed below, please refer to the IREGs for the European Union for more information. Additional information pertinent to the export of certain products may also be available on the IREGs for the European Union. For all of the below listed commodities, the exporter will need to ensure the appropriate lineouts are done for all “delete as appropriate” statements. Please cross-reference the pertinent section of the EU IREGs page to identify which statements must be lined out based on the species and processing for the product to be exported.

Animal by-products for the manufacture of products for purposes other than human or animal consumption - GBHC098X, equivalent to EU Chapter 8

Blood Products - for livestock feed - GBHC095X, equivalent to EU Chapter 4(B)

Blood - blood products from EQUIDAE animals intended for technical purposes - GBHC094X, equivalent to EU Chapter 4(A)

Blood - treated blood products from livestock not including equidae animals - GBHC097X, equivalent to EU Chapter 4(D)

Blood - untreated blood products (not including those from equidae animals) - GBHC096X, equivalent to EU Chapter 4(C) 

Collagen (For purposes other than human consumption) - GBHC101X, equivalent to EU Chapter 11 

Dicalcium Phosphate - GBHC102X, equivalent to EU Chapter 12

Gelatin (For purposes other than human consumption) - GBHC101X, equivalent to EU Chapter 11 


Hides - fresh or chilled hides and skins of ungulates - GBHC133X, equivalent to EU Chapter 5(A)

Hides - treated hides and skins of ungulates - GBHC134X, equivalent to EU Chapter 5(B)

Hydrolyzed proteins - GBHC102X, equivalent to EU Chapter 12 

Intermediate Products - Importer declaration for the import from third countries and for the transit through the European Union of intermediate products to be used for the manufacture of medicinal products, veterinary medicinal products, medical devices, in vitro diagnostics and laboratory reagents - GBHC144X, equivalent to EU Chapter 20

Manure including guano - GBHC106X, equivalent to EU Chapter 17

Milk and milk-based/derived products not for human consumption - GBHC091X, equivalent to EU Chapter 2(A)

Pet Food (Canned) - GBHC079X, equivalent to EU Chapter 3(A)

Pet Food (Chews) - GBHC130X, equivalent to EU Chapter 3(C)

Pet Food (Processed Pet Food Other than Canned) - GBHC092X, equivalent to EU Chapter 3(B) 

Pet Food Ingredient: Flavoring innards (includes digests) - GBHC131X, equivalent to EU Chapter 3(E)

Pet Food Ingredient: Unprocessed Animal By-Products - GBHC132X, equivalent to EU Chapter 3(F)

Pig Bristles - GBHC138X, equivalent to EU Chapter 7(A)

Trade Samples - (Not including display items for trade shows) APHIS facility approval not required

Tricalcium Phosphate - GBHC102X, equivalent to EU Chapter 12

Trophies (Partially treated game trophies consisting only of hides, skins, bones, horns, hooves, claws, antlers, and/or teeth of ungulates or birds) - GBHC136X, equivalent to EU Chapter 6(A)

Wool - See Hair/Wool

*Great Britain includes England, Wales, and Scotland; references to Great Britain should be interpreted to also mean the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man


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