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Great Britain - Treated Game Trophies [GBHC136X; EU Chapter 6(A) equivalent]

Treated game trophies and other preparations of birds and ungulates, consisting only bones, horns, hooves, claws, antlers, teeth, hides or skins

EU information

In section I.28 of the certificate, for “Nature of commodity” enter one or more of the following as appropriate: [bones], [horns], [hooves], [claws], [antlers], [teeth], [hides] or [skins].

In section I.28 of the certificate, for "Species (Scientific name)": enter one or more of the following terms as appropriate: Aves, Equidae, Tapiridae, Rhinoceritidae, Antilocaparidae, Bovidae, Camelidae, Cervidae, Giraffidae, Hippopotamindae, Moschidae Suidae, Tayassuidae, Tragulidae, or Elephantidae.

  1.      Other

These versions should be used until specific lined-out versions are posted. The inappropriate text must be lined out prior to endorsement. Reference the certificate versions posted at the EU information link above to verify which statements are to be lined out.

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