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Rendered Products to Canada

Requests for Official Copies of the CFIA Questionnaire for US Rendering Plants
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will not accept simple photocopies of the original CFIA Questionnaire for US Rendering Plants (Annex 3). If you need an official copy of a completed/endorsed questionnaire to provide to a new or additional Canadian importer, please request one from the VS Service Center that inspected your facility. Please be sure to provide the VS Service Center with the name and address of the facility and the date the original questionnaire was endorsed. The VS Service Center will provide an official copy of the questionnaire, together with a standard cover letter stating “The attached Facility Questionnaire for the Importation from the USA of Products of Rendering Plants is an exact copy of the original issued by this office.” [No additional information can be included in this letter.]

CFIA Questionnaire for US Rendering Plants Annex 3 - December 2018 (pdf 634kb)

Non-Ruminant Rendered Materials

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