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New Zealand


Notice: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the procedures and requirements for exporting animal products, or to obtain a zoosanitary certificate for an animal product, you should contact the VS Field Office covering the area from which the product will be exported, the area in which your office is located, or the area in which the product is manufactured.

Animal Products to New Zealand

Shelf Stable pet food - animal origin: This information pertains to shelf- stable, final packaged pet food that does not contain any bovine materials as defined by New Zealand (i.e., all parts of bovine animals and products derived from them with the exception of dairy products). The information provided by New Zealand does not contain a model certificate. The New Zealand Embassy has confirmed that these products do not require an official veterinary health certificate provided they are either accompanied by a manufacturer's declaration or appropriate labeling verifying that the products do not contain any bovine materials (except dairy).

Animal Fiber: Private Consignments of Animal Fiber - November 2002 (pdf 15kb)

Animal Fiber: Scoured, Carded Animal Fiber - October 2003 (pdf 25kb)

Animal Fiber: Scoured, Uncarded Animal Fiber - August 2003 (pdf 5kb)

Animal Fiber: Unprocessed Animal Fiber - October - 2003 (pdf 26kb)

Animal Fiber: Unprocessed Rabbit Fiber - May 2004 (pdf 18kb)

Bee products - March 2004 (pdf 50kb)

Blood: Spray Dried Bovine or Porcine Blood for Animal Feed - May 2004 (pdf 51kb)

Dairy: Certification of Dairy Products for Human Consumption - March 2019 (pdf 28kb)

Dairy: Information on Export of Dairy Products for Human Consumption - December 2021 (pdf 236kb)

Dairy: Import Health Standard for Dairy Products for Human Consumption - September 2006 (pdf 39kb)

Dairy: Import Health Standards for Dairy Products (originating in the United States or Canada) for purposes other than Human Consumption - September 2016 (pdf 23kb)     

Dairy: Certification of Dairy Products (originating in the United States or Canada) for purposes other than Human Consumption - September 2016 (pdf 197kb)

Egg Products: Spray Dried Egg Products for Animal Feed - May 2004 (pdf 51kb)

Enzymes: Porcine Enzymes - May 2004 (pdf 14kb)

Feathers - February 2003 (pdf 18kb)

Fertilizer: Guano Based Fertilizer - May 2004 (pdf 12kb)

Fertilizer: Organic Based Fertilizers - May 2004 (pdf 23kb)

Fish: Fish Food, Fish Bait and Artmia - July 2003 (pdf 27kb)

Fish: Fish Meal - May 2004 (pdf 19kb)

Fish: Marine Fish for Petfood - May 2004 (pdf 16kb)

Hides and Skins - August 2011 (pdf 49kb)

Inedible Animal Products and Biologicals - August 2003 (pdf 24kb)

Monthly Flock Certification from APHIS-Accredited Veterinarian to FSIS for Export of Turkey Meat to New Zealand - February 2017 (pdf 102kb)

The monthly flock certification is not the export certificate for turkey meat to New Zealand. Information concerning the export of turkey meat to New Zealand can be found on the FSIS Export Library. The monthly flock certification is to be submitted to FSIS to enable endorsement of the FSIS letterhead certificate for turkey meat to New Zealand. This monthly flock certificate must be dated within the previous 30 days of the date of slaughter. This certificate is for U.S. use only and should not be sent to New Zealand with the export certificate. The APHIS accredited veterinarian must have Category II accreditation in the State where the flock is located to sign the flock health certificate.

Nonviable Animal Specimens - September 2002 (pdf 14kb)

Ornamental Products of Animal Origin: Certification Requirements - August 2011 (pdf 66kb)

Ornamental Products of Animal Origin: MAF (New Zealand) Guidance Document - August 2011 (pdf 66kb)

Pet Food: Shelf Stable Petfood - Animal Origin (Except Bovine) - April 2004 (pdf 62kb)

Pet Food: Shelf Stable Petfood - Bovine Origin - January 2004 (pdf 23kb)

Tallow: Inedible Tallow - January 2004 (pdf 42kb)

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