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APHIS PQAPlus Sourcing Verification Program for FSIS Establishments

Specific countries may accept pork products sourced from swine from farms following the PQAPlus program without requiring testing or treatment of the products as an alternative mitigation of Trichinella risk.  The National Pork Board (NPB) is the entity that verifies if farms are participating with the PQAPlus program.  NPB issues a certificate to farms that are found to be participating.  FSIS establishments must source slaughter swine or pork from farms or plants in good standing in the PQAPlus program to export pork meat and pork products with FSIS certification that they were produced under the PQAPlus program.  Either the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) or APHIS Veterinary Services may verify participation of an FSIS Establishment in a PQAPlus program.  The certification of pork and pork products for export for human consumption is done by USDA FSIS inspectors.  The APHIS program for recognition of an FSIS Establishment as participating in the PQAPlus program is the PQAPlus Sourcing Verification Program (PSVP).  Based on the sourcing information the PSVP provides to USDA FSIS, the FSIS inspector is able to reliably certify that pork and pork products for export are derived from farms participating in PQAPlus. 

For information on recognition as participating in the PSVP, the FSIS Establishment management should contact the Veterinary Services service center over the State in which they are located.

FSIS Establishments - March 2016

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