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Animal Export Regulations History 2018

Animal Export Regulations History 2018

Data is sorted in reverse chronological order

Date Country Commodity Action Performed
01-02-18 Belize Sheep Change in Scrapie requirements
01-05-18 Guatemala Poultry New Restrictions
01-11-18 Venezueala Sheep and Goats New Health Certificate
01-17-18 European Union Swine Updated Health Certificate
01-19-18 Belize Sheep Change in Scrapie requirements
01-23-18 Canada Cattle and Bison
updated definition to include non-restricted feeder cattle
01-24-18 Saba Sheep and Goats New Protocol
01-24-18 Canada Ducks New Protocol
02-06-18 Other Program Handbook Removal of Rickenbacker Port of Embarkation
02-08-18 Paraguay Bovine Semen Bluetongue testing added
02-08-18 Colombia Ovine Semen Test option added
02-08-18 Mexico Arrdvark
New Health Certificate
02-13-18 Canada Other Poultry ID requirements for pigeons
02-15-18 Honduras Bovine Embryos New Health Certificate
02-27-18 Canada Cervine Semen  Protocol
02-28-18 Cuba Ornamental Birds New Health Certificate
02-28-18 Guatemala Bovine Embyos New Health Certificate
03-13-18 Uruguay Bovine Updated BVD test requirements.
03-13-18 India Poultry New protocol added
03-16-18 Australia Aquaculture New statement added and health certificate removed.
03-20-18 Honduras Tilapia New Health Certificate
03-21-18 Mexico Swine Semen Updated test requirements
04-03-18 Costa Rica Canine Semen New Health Certificate
04-03-18 Uruguay Bovine Semen Added Testing option for BVD
04-04-18 Cuba Ornnamental Birds Title Corrected
04-05-18 Sudan Cattle New Health Certificate
04-05-18 Sudan Sheep and Goat New Health Certificate
04-09-18 Chile Bovine Semen Clarification to IBR and BTV testing methods available
04-13-18 Other Program Handbook The link for IATA website was updated within the document
04-13-18 Dominican Republic Swime Semen Consolidated fresh and frozen swine semen protocols
04-23-18 European Union Temporary horses Updated statement in point III (d) (3rd indent)
04-23-18 Poland Bovine embroys Added bilingual health certificate
04-26-18 Brazil Caprine Semen Renegotiated certificate
04-26-18 Brazil Caprine embryos Renegotiated certificate
05-08-17 Korea Aquaculture Updated health certificate mollusk disease list
05-16-18 Equador Poults Corrected translation
05-18-18 Canada Avian  Revised Statements
05-22-18 Costa Rica Day old chicks and hatching egg Updated new new vND requirements
05-23-18 Mexico Bird hatching eggs Updated new new vND requirements
05-23-18 Mexico Bird up to three days of age Updated new new vND requirements
06-11-18 Hong Kong Day-Old Chicks Updated Health Certificate
06-13-18 Costa Rica Ornamental Fish New Health Certificate
06-13-18 Israel Live Fish and Gametes Updated Health Certificate
06-25-18 Barbados Goats New Health Certificate
06-27-18 Canada Cattle Update ID reuirements for returning Canadian cattle
07-06-18 St. Lucia Horses New Health Certificate
07-10-18 Cuba Cattle New Health Certificate
07-10-18 Colombia Horses Health Certificate for temp returning horses to Colombia 
07-17-18 Costa Rica Swine semen New revised requirement
8-3-18 Uruguay Cattle Updated Health Certificate
8-31-18 UAE Horses New Health Certificate

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