New Zealand

Notice: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the procedures and requirements for exporting animals, animal products, or to obtain a zoosanitary certificate for an animal product, you should contact the VS Field Office covering the area from which the animal or product will be exported, the area in which your office is located, or the area in which the product is manufactured.

Animal Products

Live Animals

New Zealand - Summary of Requirements for Animals

The most current protocols for exporting animals, semen and embryos to New Zealand are available on Biosecurity New Zealand's Import Health Standards Search website.

At the search page, enter the following information in the appropriate fields:

  • Commodity Name - use appropriate name (i.e., dog, cat, bovine embryos, bovine semen, horse, etc.)
  • From Country - select "United States of America"
  • Select the button "Search" and the database will retrieve the information requested.

Live Horses

 Additional information about exporting horses to New Zealand. 

Equine Semen

Ornamental Fish and Marine Invertebrates

More information on ornamental fish and marine invertebrates.


The pet import information has been moved to the pet travel website clickhere

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