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IRegs for LIVE Animals

Notice: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the procedures and requirements for exporting animals, you should contact the VS Field Office covering the area from which the animal will be exported, the area in which your office is located.


USDA Accredited Veterinarian Signature Electronic Signature Accepted
APHIS Veterinary Medical Officer Signature Digital Signature Accepted

Details: Health certificates may be issued electronically by the USDA Accredited Veterinarian and endorsed by the APHIS Veterinary Medical Officer through the online Veterinary Export Health Certification System (VEHCS).  The APHIS embossed seal is not required.

NOTE: A printed paper copy of the completed health certificate must accompany each shipment.

Please note: Guatemala's Ministry of Agriculture (MAGA) requires a valid import permit prior to the embarkation and importation of animals. The import permit must give the specific requirements if the protocol/model health certificate is not available. Exibition cocks must be clearly identified as such on the health certificate. If not, they will be destroyed. The exporting party must provide this information.



Sheep and Goats



Note: Export alert: Currently Guatemala is conducting inspection upon arrival for all consignments originating from Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina for detection of Megacopta cribraria(common name, Kudzu bug). Exporters, please inspect containers for this insect prior to shipping to avoid delay or rejections.

Note:* A health certificate for this commodity can also be generated through the Veterinary Export Health Certificate System (

Other Animals


Visit the APHIS Pet Travel Website for information about exporting your pets.

For species not listed, the requirements are not known. However, exporters wanting to ship livestock whose requirements are not listed above, should have the interested party (importer/buyer) in the country of destination apply for an Import Permit at the appropriate ministry. This Import Permit will most likely outline the specific requirements.

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