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Aquatic Animal Health Standards Commission Proposed Drafts and Updates 2012

Step 1: Identify the "specific text" you are commenting on;
Step 2: Write The specific proposed text changes (Rewrite the text the way it should read); and
Step 3: Include the supporting scientific rationale for your proposed change of the text.


(All comments should be clearly stated, specific to the text within the proposed document, and supported by a scientific rationale.)*

Section 1

There are five (5) chapters for comment in Section 1. You may comment on the proposed changes in the documents. Text proposed for deletion has a strike-through & text proposed to be added is double underlined. Please identify the article in the chapter you are commenting on, propose new language (if any) and provide a scientific rationale for your change

Note: Please do not use the automatic "track-change" function provided by word processing software as such changes are lost in the OIE's process of collating submitted comments into the Code Commissions working documents.

September 2012 Report (comments due by December 14, 2012)

Draft Proposals September 2012
Comments Submitted to OIE
Proposed for Adoption at the General Session
Criteria for listing aquatic animal diseases (pdf) (rtf) Criteria for listing aquatic animal diseases (pdf) (rtf)  
Diseases Listed by the OIE (pdf) (rtf) Diseases Listed by the OIE (pdf) (rtf)  
Glossary (pdf) (rtf) No comments submitted  
Infectious Salmon Anaemia (pdf) (rtf) Infectious Salmon Anaemia (pdf) (rtf)  
Notification of diseases (pdf) (rtf) Notification of diseases (pdf) (rtf)  

September 2011 Report Draft Proposals and Comments Submitted to OIE

September 2010 Report Draft Proposals and Comments Submitted to OIE



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