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FAD PReP Materials and References

APHIS Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) Framework

Roles and Coordination (September 2022)

Response Strategies (October 2015)

Incident Information Management and Reporting (February 2018)

Investigation Manual (2022)

A Partial List of FAD Stakeholders (December 2015)

Permitted Movement (February 2017)

Disease Response Plans
Response plans are intended to provide disease-specific information about response strategies. They offer guidance to all stakeholders on capabilities and critical activities that would be required to respond to an FAD outbreak. The above link will take you to the Red Books for FMD, HPAI, CSF, and ND.

Disease Response Strategies
Disease Response Strategies describe the diagnoses, treatments and/or vaccines, and control and eradication plans for specific diseases that are a threat to the United States.

  • FAD PReP Strategy Documents
  • Overarching strategies to deal with FADs, such as the phases and types of an FMD outbreak.
  • Secure Food Supply Plans

    The Secure Food Supply Plans are commodity-specific plans that use science- and risk-based information to facilitate market continuity for specific products in an outbreak. The links below will take you to information on the individual Secure Food Supply Plans.

    Secure Zoo Strategy (SZS)

    A Secure Strategy plan maintains business continuity to protect staff, animals, and business models in the event of a high consequence disease outbreak.

    National Animal Health Emergency Management System (NAHEMS) materials go into detail on many critical preparedness and response activities and provide veterinary authority for responders, planners, and policy-makers. The links below direct to the original NAHEMS Guidelines as well as short “Tactical Topics” information sheets and educational presentations that complement the NAHEMS body of knowledge.

    Industry Manuals
    These manuals describe the complexity of industry to emergency planners and responders and provide industry a window into emergency response.

    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    FAD PReP SOPs provide details for conducting critical activities, such as communication and and biosecurity, that are essential to effective preparedness and response to an FAD outbreak. These SOPs provide operational details that are not discussed in depth in strategy documents or disease-specific response plans.

    FAD PReP Ready Reference Guides
    Many of the detailed documents and materials listed on this page are accompanied by a Ready Reference Guide (RRG); these guides offer quick and accessible information for training and educational purposes. Some of the RRGs available by clicking above are disease-specific, pertaining to FMD, CSF, HPAI, or ND, while others offer general guidance on aspects of FAD PReP.

    APHIS and VS Emergency Management Resources
    APHIS Directives and Veterinary Services (VS) Guidance Documents provide important emergency management policy. These documents provide guidance on topics ranging from emergency mobilization, to FAD investigations, to protecting personnel from HPAI.

    Outbreak Response Tools 
    Click on the link above for a variety of outbreak tools including the Emergency Management Tools, Appraisal and Compensation, Disinfectants, Communications and Messaging, Carcass Management, and more.

    Carcass Management Dashboard
    The purpose of this site is to guide you quickly through carcass management options for planning or response purposes.

    Outbreak Surveillance Toolbox
    The Outbreak Surveillance Toolbox is designed to provide veterinary epidemiologists with resources to quickly develop a consistent and complete surveillance plan to identify infected herds and animals due to an outbreak of an infectious animal disease.

    State/Tribal Resources and Additional Information
    This link includes information and plans from State and Tribal sources (such as those from NASAHO and NASPHV), economic impact reports, and animal disease information.

    This link provides archived FAD Investigation Reports and information for reference. The most recent FAD Investigation Report can be found at the top of this page under FAD PReP Overview.

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