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FAD PReP Training and Educational Materials

General FAD and FAD Response
Part of a comprehensive FAD preparedness and response strategy is to provide training and educational materials that align with the FAD PReP mission.

FAD PReP Strategic Plans
Strategic plan presentations offer training on overall concept of operations for FAD preparedness and response, giving an overview of roles, responsibilities, and response strategies.

FAD PReP Disease Response Documents
Disease Response Plan presentations offer overviews of capabilities and critical activities in specific disease outbreak responses.

Continuity of Business/ Secure Food Supply Plan
The Secure Food Supply plans offer commodity specific training for those involved in planning for or facilitating market continuity for specific products in an outbreak.

National Animal Health Emergency Management System
NAHEMS materials go into detail on many critical preparedness and response activities and provide veterinary authority for responders, planners, and policy-makers. The links below direct to the original NAHEMS Guidelines as well as short “Tactical Topics” information sheets and educational presentations that complement the NAHEMS body of knowledge

Ready Reference Guides
Many FAD PReP documents and materials are accompanied by a Ready Reference Guide (RRG); these guides offer quick and accessible information for training and educational purposes. Some RRGs are disease-specific, pertaining to FMD, CSF, HPAI, or ND, while others offer general guidance.

Veterinarians and animal health technicians in the National Animal Health Emergency Response Corps (NAHERC), can access free training on important emergency management topics and concepts.

USDA APHIS depends on accredited veterinarians to carry out its animal health programs, and NVAP materials provide reference guides, standards for training, and direct veterinarians through the accreditation process. 

Complementary Content