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Carcass Management Dashboard

A.  The first step in Carcass Management is to assess the situation; identify the types and quantities of animals involved, their average weight and reason for illness/death. Open the Options, Time & Cost Calculator below, and enter the appropriate information into the blue boxes at the top of the spreadsheet. 

Options, Time & Cost Calculator

B. For distances to landfill, rendering and incineration, use the Routing Map to find the premises location, then use the Measurement Tool (ruler icon in upper right) to find distances to the nearest disposal facilities, and enter those distances into the Options, Time & Cost Calculator.
A. The second step is to draft a Carcass Management Plan; using the results from Step 1 and the checklists below, identify all feasible carcass management options for the premises.  Enter the resulting information in the Site Specific Carcass Management Plan TemplateNote: although the calculator includes the Above Ground Burial Option, there is no additional checklist or planning information because the technology is still experimental and not yet validated.

Emergency Carcass Management Desk Reference Guide (DRG)

.For those options that are feasible, estimate needed materials, supplies and equipment based on the Options, Time & Cost Calculator and the Planning Guides, below.

The third step is to coordinate with local and state environmental officials; once you have completed steps 1 and 2 and have a draft plan, discuss the plan with your state agriculture and environmental officials, making any necessary changes to gain their written approval.  Blank approval signature lines are provided at the end of the Site Specific Carcass Management Plan Template for use if desired.

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