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Who We Are

In the event of an animal disease emergency, the NCAHEM role is to:

  • Augment state and local resources with critical veterinary supplies, equipment, and services;
  • Provide safety emphasis and leadership;
  • Provide national guidance on disease surveillance and eradication strategy;
  • Support the acquisition of resources;
  • Resolve administrative, financial, legal, legislative, and disease control issues; and
  • Coordinate and disseminate information.

General Functions to Support NCAHEM's Role in VS' Mission:

  1. Coordinate the eradication activities during animal disease emergencies.
  2. Develop and maintain liaison with other USDA agencies, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Defense (DOD), Health and Human Services (HHS), Department of Interior, Environmental Protection Service (EPA), and similar regulatory groups providing assistance in disease control efforts.
  3. Coordinate computer modeling and analytical studies relative to the spread of foreign animal diseases through international shipments of animals, animal products, by-products, or other methods.
  4. Initiate work plans for regulations necessary to respond to introduction of foreign animal diseases.
  5. Represent APHIS in various emergency preparedness activities and national security matters (chemical, biological, or radiological).
  6. Develop and maintain a technical reference center concerning domestic and foreign animal diseases.
  7. Provide technical information on animal health conditions to VS personnel, Federal and State agencies, industry, and the public.
  8. Organize and maintain emergency response guidelines in a state of readiness within the NIMS framework to promptly respond to outbreaks of foreign diseases of animals.
  9. Maintains logistical support for emergency disease outbreaks (e.g., North American Foot-and-Mouth Disease Vaccine Bank, National Veterinary Stockpile).

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