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Develop a Surveillance Plan: Final Check

Final Check

Check the Surveillance Plan Content

Introduction describes (1) participating agencies and their roles, (2) the surveillance goals, and (3) background information about the outbreak

Maps are included in the Introduction and / or Disease Control Areas / Zones section to explain key locations associated with the outbreak surveillance plan

The disease case definition is defined and protocol for classifying cases is included

Premises classifications are defined and a protocol for classifying premises is included

Disease control areas / zones are defined, permitted activities within these zones are delineated, and the length of time that boundaries are to be in place is specified

Sampling plan describes what specimen types will be collected, and this information is consistent with the case definition

Sampling plan describes what laboratory test(s) will be conducted on them, and this information is consistent with the case definition

Sampling plan defines the target population

Sampling plan describes how many premises should be sampled (and, optionally, identifies which ones to visit) in each area / zone, how many animals should be sampled from these premises . Optionally, it may also list the actual premises and animals to sample.

Sampling plan describes the sampling priorities

Sampling plan describes how often samples should be collected from premises in each disease control zone (frequency)

Important miscellaneous surveillance issues are mentioned
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