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Surveillance Plan Template: Introduction

This is a view of the template showing the outline of the Introduction section of an Outbreak Surveillance Plan. Instructions are in green and should be deleted from the final draft.


Participating Agencies and their Roles

[Describe the agencies involved in the outbreak response and their roles]

Goals of Surveillance

The immediate primary goals of this version of the surveillance plan are (1) to determine the extent of the current outbreak of [insert disease], i.e. detect all [insert disease]-infected premises (and all diseased animals), and (2) to establish the appropriate outbreak surveillance disease control areas / zones. 

[Optional]Other goals include:

[Suggested goal:

  • Maintain business continuity]

Once the location of all infected premises and animals has been established, it is expected that updates will eventually be made to this initial surveillance plan to delineate the protocol to follow to prove that each Area/Zone is free from [insert disease].

It is assumed that the information contained in this initial surveillance plan will also be used to help develop the initial outbreak response action plan to eradicate [insert disease] and return the region/State to a disease status without movement restrictions.

Endpoint of Surveillance

Surveillance for this outbreak will end when:

[Suggested surveillance endpoints could involve one or more of the following:

  • No Presumptive positive or confirmed positive cases have been identified for a time period of [insert time period, e.g. "three incubation periods (x days)]
  • All traces have been attempted
  • A surveillance plan for proving disease freedom supersedes this surveillance plan]

Background Information about the Current Disease Outbreak

[Enter pertinent information such as location, length of outbreak, location(s) of infected premises, reason for surveillance plan]

Map of States

[Provide map(s) of State(s) in which outbreak is occurring. Include key areas currently known to be involved in the outbreak, county lines, and cities/towns]

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