Sheep and Goat Identification

Sheep and Goat Identification

To order official sheep and goat eartags/devices:

The National Scrapie Eradication Program provides free ear tags to sheep and goat producers. Producers also have an option to purchase their own official eartags/devices from approved tag companies.

Call 1-866-USDA-TAG (866-873-2824) to be connected to your USDA Veterinary Services Office or State Office Veterinarian and request that a premises identification number and Flock ID be assigned to your flock. If you want to purchase 840 RFID or 840 visual only tags also request that a National Premises Identification Number or Location Identification Number be assigned to your flock.

  • If you want to use USDA eartags that are provided free to producers, request the number of tags that you will need for a one year period.

  • If you would prefer to purchase a different kind of eartag or device, contact one of the approved tag companies listed below to purchase the eartags or device. Approved eartag companies offer a wider range of colors, styles and devices.

  • Regular program tags are available to all producers. SFCP tags are only available to flocks participating in the Scrapie Flock Certification Program

The companies listed below are approved. These eartags and devices are approved for the official identification of sheep and goats in interstate commerce. There are restrictions on the use of implantable devices.

Fact Sheet on sheep and goat identification requirements (December 2014).

Visit Eradicate Scrapie: a national scrapie eradication initiative provided by the National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) that provides information on scrapie and the identification requirements for sheep and goats.

AllFlex USA, Inc.
PO Box 612266
2805 East 12th Street
Dallas Ft. Worth Airport, TX 75261-2266
Ph: (972) 456-3686
Fax: (972) 456-0328
Contact: Bridges Brown

(RFID- regular and SFCP and SFCP plastic eartags only)

Alliance ID, USA
2199 Manton Drive
Covington, Louisiana 70433
Contact: John Wade, DVM

(RFID 840 microchip transponders in syringes. Universal scanners)

4412 W 4th Street Road
Greeley, CO 80634
Contact: Elsie McCoy

(RFID - Avid Microchip transponder implants and scanners)

National Band & Tag Company
721 York St., P.O. Box 72430
Newport, KY 41072-0430, USA
Phone: (859) 261-2035
Fax:  (859) 261-8247
Contacts:  Kevin Haas, Sallie Schmidt

(RFID tags and metal tags in white, green, orange, mauve and bright metal)

Premier Sheep Supplies, Ltd.
2031 300th Street
Washington, IA 52353
Phone: (800) 282-6631
Fax: (800) 346-7992
Contact: Ms. Stephanie Sexton

(Plastic visual only eartags)

Shearwell Data Animal Identification and Management Systems
1127 E Street
Marysville, CA 95901
Phone:  (530) 743-9045
Fax: (530) 743-0609
Contact Name: Karen Henderson

Oogie McGuire
Phone: (970) 527-3573, 8-5 mountain time

(Plastic visual only and RFID eartags)


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