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Approved Labortories for Genotype Testing 

Approved Labortories for Genotype Testing 


The approval of laboratories to do official testing allows the producer to choose from several laboratories to obtain official test results. As long as the sheep have approved scrapie program identification and the samples are collected and submitted by an accredited veterinarian on the appropriate VS form, the results of these privately funded tests will be recognized as official by the NSEP.

These same laboratories will also compete for provision of official testing to NSEP. This element of competition may also result in a reduction of privately funded genotype testing or the addition of other value added services that could benefit the producer.

These readily available genotyping services will assist interested producers in the selection of increased scrapie resistant genotypes in their flocks. Over the long term this will collectively increase the resistance of the national sheep flock and promote the eradication of scrapie.

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