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Scrapie Disease Information

Approved Labortories for Genotype Testing 

Accredited Veterinarians

Accredited veterinarians may be called upon by sheep producers to collect and submit blood samples for official scrapie genotype testing. Fees for these services are the responsibility of the producer and should be so indicated on the submission form. The producer will also be responsible for the laboratory testing fees.

Accredited veterinarians should contact their APHIS AVIC to obtain the necessary submission forms (VS 5-29) and review the NSEP animal identification requirements that must be met for the tests to be official.

For Additional Information on Ear Tags Contact the USDA/APHIS Area Office for Your State 
For more information on scrapie or the eradication program contact the designated scrapie epidemiologist in your state.

For additional assistance you may contact Diane L. Sutton 

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