Equine Viral Arteritis

Equine Viral Arteritis

2006 Outbreak Information

An outbreak of equine viral arteritis (EVA) occurred in Quarter Horses in New Mexico and Utah in 2006. The index case for the outbreak was confirmed on June 26, 2006 on an Quarter Horse breeding farm in New Mexico. EVA was subsequently confirmed on premises in six states (Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, and Alabama); all confirmed cases had epidemiological links to the index premises in New Mexico. The majority of affected premises in the 2006 outbreak occurred in New Mexico and Utah, and the last quarantines in those States related to this outbreak were released in early December 2006.

  • The 2006 Multi-State Occurrence of EVA - overview article describing the 2006 outbreak (pdf, paper from the 2006 Annual Meeting of the U.S. Animal Health Association)                      

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